Writing Articles for Sports Magazines

As the summer approaches more and more individuals are heading for the great outdoors in order to get some well earned sun, sea and…exercise!

The summer is the perfect time for sports lovers or anyone looking to kick start their fitness regime to start enjoying outdoor fitness programmes. Not only is this great news for sports clubs and fitness centres, but it’s also fantastic news for freelance article writers who have a flair for fitness and leisure industry writing. As the sun comes out, more and more fitness fanatics begin to buy magazine publications that are focused on sports and leisure activities.

Most sports publications welcome ideas, feature articles, reviews and news pieces from freelance writers. And don’t forget the growing online magazine publication too – there are lots of Ezines out there that focus on sports related subjects. As online publications tend to release new editions of their magazines more frequently than offline publications, you’ll find that they are potentially more likely to be looking for freelance journalistic or feature article pieces of writing.

So what sorts of articles are sports magazines looking for? The sports magazine requirements tend to fall into the following categories;

1. Reviews. Sports magazines, like most magazines, like to include reviews of the latest gadget, piece of clothing, sports venue or club, or even the latest sports craze. These reviews should be informative; they need to include information on who is doing it/wearing it/attending it, what the benefits of the product or location are, a nod to any drawbacks, and importantly practical information, such as cost, location, availability, etc. Sports magazines usually like reviews to be written in the first person, so be sure to include your own personal opinion in the piece that you write.

2. News items. Not all publications will have a ‘news’ section, so be sure to have taken a look at previous copies of the magazine you want to write for before you start pitching news item ideas to them – you need to make sure that they’ll be interested in publishing such information first. Often online magazines will include a News Section within their publications, as they tend to release new editions of their magazines frequently. If you are considering pitching a news piece to a sports magazine be sure that the item is: a) current, b) factually correct, c) includes some form of statistical analysis or information, d) includes quotations from pivotal people within the industry, and e) is written in the third person. Different publications are looking for different thing from news stories. Some like to have a few paragraphs per story; others are after longer pieces of journalism. Be sure to check submission guidelines before submitting your story.

3. Feature articles. These are perhaps the most common form of article writing that freelance writers contribute to sports magazines. Articles can be on a host of subject areas that are in some way related to sport, leisure and fitness. Some of the most popular writing areas include; healthy eating, complementary therapies, vitamins and minerals, a look at individual sports themselves, and training programmes. However, a broader range of article ideas are generally welcomed if they will add exciting and relevant content to a magazine. Fashion ideas or articles, for example, are very relevant to sporting magazines, as are articles on emotional health and well-being.