Why Choose Satellite TV?

If you are one of those people still using the same cable service you’ve had for the past decade (or more), you may be asking yourself what exactly the big deal is with satellite TV. Of course you’ve surely figured out by now that this service has become extremely popular-but maybe you haven’t quite taken the time to research the advantages that so many other people seem to have discovered. Many would argue you have no idea what you’re missing! Millions of people have switched from cable providers to satellite TV-why?

The most obvious reason people choose satellite television over regular cable is the variety in programming offered by satellite services. The reality is that satellite packages offer true sports fans and movie buffs far more channels and choices than regular cable. With options that include over 130 national HD channels, more than 30 premium movie channels, and exclusive sports packages, many satellite packages make it hard for cable companies to compete.

The choices available in terms of programming extend far beyond a wide selection of movie and sports channels. Whether you are primarily interested in family programming, international channels, or interactive television, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with satellite programming. In addition to your television channels, you have the opportunity to receive up to 60 satellite radio stations covering everything from news to entertainment-and, of course, music!

Another highly significant difference between cable and satellite services is image and audio quality. Satellite TV offers far more high definition TV programming than cable, providing unrivaled picture quality and sound. With HD, viewers can enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies with sharper and more vivid images, as well as superior sound quality.

High definition is particularly advantageous for sports fans. The new crystal-clear images have nearly revolutionized televised sports. Whether they are watching football, basketball, golf, tennis, or any other sport, fans are now able to see and feel the excitement of games and matches as never before. Every movement, every fake, and every foul is visible; devoted fans no longer have to strain their eyes or sit within inches of the television in order to keep track of the hockey puck or golf ball.

In addition, sports fans have access to packages such as the NFL Sunday Ticket, NCAA Mega March Madness, MLB Extra Innings, NASCAR Hotpass, and many others. These packages offer fans access to games and other coverage that simply cannot be found with other services. The NFL Sunday Ticket, for example, provides viewers with access to up to 14 football games every Sunday-that’s ten more games than cable subscribers can view. The package also includes in-depth pre- and post-game coverage, as well as a Player Tracker feature that allows fans to keep track of the performance their favorite players.

Satellite TV is becoming the standard in many homes, and for good reason. With over 265 channels to choose from, superior digital images and sound, and quality programming packages, satellite is quickly replacing cable in the realm of television.