Which Insurance Is the Best for People With Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopment disorder that is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The expression of the disorder ranges from mild to severe and covers autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, and PDD-NOS. Patients with the disease have difficulty communicating and interacting with others, may display repetitive behaviors, have restricted interests, and delayed childhood development. The most notable symptom of autism is the patient’s inability to understand social clues, respond to social stimuli, or adhere to social conventions. Patients may also have co-occurring disorders, such as OCD, or physical impairments.

There is no known cure or preventative treatment for autism. Treatment on the disorder focuses on the management of behavior and assisting in the development of life coping skills. There are some medications that are prescribed to relive symptoms related to the disease, such as anxiety and ADD. Other treatments include mental, speech, behavioral, occupational, and physical therapies. Most patients with autism require lifetime monitoring and care. Traditionally, insurance companies have been reluctant to provide coverage to people with this disorder because of the expense involved. That has changed over the years and it is possible to get some, if not all, of the medical expenses covered under a good health plan.

Because of the range of medical professionals that a patient with autism has to work with, the best type of insurance plan for them is a Preferred Provider Organization or PPO. This type of insurance plan allows you to see any doctor in your network without the prior approval of a primary health care physician (PCP). This can make a key difference in the kind of care a patient receives. With an HMO plan, you must have a PCP who acts as a gatekeeper to other medical services. HMO insurance companies rely on them to keep costs low and you may end up paying more out of pocket for needed services because you are unable to get a referral from the doctor.

When shopping around for a PPO insurance plan, be certain that the plan includes coverage for mental health and other therapies that the autistic patient will need. Researching health plans can be time consuming. To minimize this, try to use an online health insurance quote website. The main benefits of these types of sites is that you’ll get quotes from most all of the major providers in fell swoop which will make it a lot easier to compare plans and buy the one with the best combination of benefits. Treating autism doesn’t have to ruin you financially. Take the time to find good insurance so that the autism can be treated properly.

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