What is the Importance of Sleeping?

Sleep is a state wherein a person rests the muscles of the body and become partially unconscious of what is happening around. Sleep is important not just for us humans but even for animals. We feel great after having enough sleep and in contrast getting insufficient sleep makes us feel weak. Getting enough sleep is essential to us because our body cannot function well if it’s abused through working a lot and having no time to rest. When we sleep, our body feels more relaxed and the blood circulation and functioning of the different organs of our body will be in a totally great condition.

The required hours of sleep depends on a person’s age but for adults it should be not less than 6 hours. Sleeping for less than 6 hours can lead to serious harm and malfunctioning of our body. Sleep deprivation can result to different disorders or chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic insomnia and many others. It is also proven that lack of sleep can result to weight gain and even depression. The less we sleep, the more we gain weight because our body cannot function well and the food we eat cannot be properly eliminated.

Sleep is also important for our brain to function well and store memory. When you lack sleep, you cannot make good decisions and cannot concentrate on doing your work because the metabolic activity of your brain lowers if you are awake for long hours. Furthermore, lack of sleep can make a person irritable and always in foul mood and this can result to less social interaction among co-workers and family members.

When we sleep the cells of our body increases and the parts of our brain can function more effectively when we wake up thus sleep can also help regulate the social and emotional functioning of our body. The more sleep, the better our brain work and the healthier we are. Among children, sleep can facilitate in the growth and development of their body and the better sleep our children has their chance of growing fast and getting tall.

There are also studies that indicate that sleep can help reduce the risk of acquiring cancer. It is said that the better sleep a person has, the lesser chance of developing cancer because when you sleep the production of a hormone called melatonin increases. The said hormone helps prevent cancer. Let’s make it a habit to get enough sleep everyday because in general we get more benefits and less harm when we sleep. The better sleep you have, the healthier you are and the longer you will live.