What is an Ecosexual?

Ecosexual is a new term used by many to refer to a person so dedicated to their commitment of improving the environment that it controls their intimate relationships, and sometimes their friendships as well. They usually choose to drive an environmentally friendly hybrid car and only consume organic foods. With this type of stereotype, it is no wonder that their beliefs are often unaccepted by mainstream society, even with the modern green movements already in place.

Many people today choose to buy organically grown foods and use all-natural health remedies rather than traditional medications. There are even natural, chemical free cleaning products available that are quite popular. We are all concerned with the environment and our health, but they are often seen as extreme.

However, the fact of the matter is, they are not that extreme. They are just committed to their beliefs, as well as their responsibility to protect and preserve the earth. As with any commitment, you wouldn’t want to share your life with a person who didn’t share your convictions.

Most of those who label themselves as ecosexuals prefer to only date others who share their concern for the environment. Protecting and caring for the delicacy of the environment their purpose in life so it is no wonder they would choose to spend their life with a mate who shares that purpose.

They reflect their environmental efforts in most everything they do, usually living a completely green lifestyle. They refrain from using any artificial products, as well as chemically enhanced substances. Many of them are vegetarians and they all prefer organic, natural foods. While most tend to choose a rural setting for their residence, there are many urban ecosexuals who practice their lifestyle from more confined dwellings.

Regardless of where they live, they usually love to be a part of the natural beauty they have devoted their lives to preserving. From bicycling to kayaking, they typically enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities and spend a great deal of time taking in healthy fresh air. Camping, gardening, and hiking are all popular their pastimes.

They vary greatly in their backgrounds, coming from many different regions and possessing a variety of individual beliefs and values. Majority do not claim a specific religion, but are rather free spirited with a natural sort of spirituality, much like that of the Native Americans. Christianity is the least represented religious group in the community.

Ecosexuality is still relatively new, so the community is still rather small. This can make it difficult to find another who shares their desire to make a difference in the world and has made a true commitment to protect the environment. While there are hundreds of dating services and matching agencies, only a few cater specifically to ecosexuals. Earth Wise Singles and Green Singles are two of the most prominent services for them to search for an acquaintance.

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