Top Touchscreen Running Gloves

The last thing you need to worry about while running is your gloves. Not only is it a pain in the neck to have to take them on and off mid-run, but it’s distracting and potentially dangerous. So rather than struggling with your hand wear in order to answer a phone call, switch songs on your mp3 player, or interact with the latest training app, pick up a pair of touchscreen compatible running gloves!

Here are some of the best ones available at the moment.

1. Best Choice: eGlove SPORT ($34.99)

The eGlove SPORT are great running gloves with amazing grip and very good conductivity. Although they are more expensive than many other touchscreen running gloves, they are worth it. These gloves come in three different styles, which range from loud (pictured) to subtle (black on black), so there should be something for everyone. One of the nicest features is the ornamentation on the palms (a large ‘e’ and a circuit board diagram going up the fingers), which is made of an exceptionally effective traction material that has the functional purpose of preventing dropped touchscreen devices.

2. Most Affordable: Manzella Sprint Touch Tip Touchscreen Gloves ($20.00)

Manzella Men’s Sprint Touch Tip Touchscreen Gloves are decent running gloves with good connectivity at a reasonable price. The breathable material and decent tailoring afford users some warmth while still preventing hands from getting too sweaty once up and moving. Additionally, the palms are emblazoned with scores of tiny Manzella logos made from a reflective traction material. Manzella is on the right track with this idea, but it could be improved by using a stickier material. While they may not be the most durable gloves or everyone’s cup of tea aesthetically, they are some of the best value for touchscreen compatible running gloves.

3. SmartWool PhD HyFi Training Touchscreen Gloves ($39.99)

The SmartWool PhD HyFi Training Touchscreen Gloves are well-constructed running gloves with good conductivity from a company that takes an ethical approach to their business. These gloves have traction grip on the palms, though it could be a little bit ‘stickier’ to make it easier to hold onto the user’s touchscreen device. Additionally, the high price tag may make some think twice before purchasing these comfortable, low-profile gloves.

4. Lululemon Athletica Brisk Run Touchscreen Gloves ($28.00)

Lululemon’s Brisk Run Touchscreen Gloves are great regular running gloves with relatively good conductivity. From the breathable mesh palm and extra long cuff, to the discrete, attractive logo on the left hand, the design of the non-conductive elements of the Brisk Run gloves is meticulously laid out and artfully executed. That said, would benefit significantly from the placement of traction material on the palms and a redesign of the touchscreen compatible elements.

5. Agloves Sport ($23.99, list $29.99)

The Agloves SPORT are relatively warm running touchscreen gloves. As with all Aglove models, the entire gloves enjoys conductivity (in this case due to the silver yarn interwoven with the acrylic and spandex. With a snug fit and fitted cuff, these gloves are extremely popular from an extremely popular company.