Tips To Stay Warm For Winter Sports

Choosing the right outfit for outdoor winter sports can make a big difference in one’s enjoyment. While the weather is often cold, windy and wet, choosing the right clothes can keep the body insulated and warm. Whether snowboarding, skiing, or running errands, the right apparel can help to keep you looking great and comfortable.

For proper winter dressing, one needs three layers. The first helps to wick moisture away from the body, the second provides insulation and the third protection. Today’s fabrics make it possible to meet these needs and still look great.

The wicking layer is the one worn next to the skin. It generally includes long underwear. Synthetic thermal underwear (usually made of polyester fiber) can provide the best wicking power. This moves moisture away from the skin, and allows it to evaporate, keeping you warm and dry. Silk is a natural fiber that provides similar abilities.

The insulating layer includes sweatshirts, sweaters, pullovers and vests. This layer serves to keep body heat in while reducing the infiltration of cold. It works best by trapping air in the fibers. Fleece and wool offer good choices for this layer.

The protective layer is worn on the exterior and includes a shell and pants. It should be designed to repel rain, sleet and snow as well as block the wind while still allowing moisture to evaporate. Tightly woven fabrics can be coated or laminated to provide this type of protection. If extreme cold is expected, insulated outerwear is a good choice, but it is a good idea to bring a less insulated option in case the weather warms.

Nearly 2/3 of one’s body heat can escape through an uncovered head. Wearing a hat can help to keep a person warm when it is cold. If involved in active sports, consider an insulated helmet that serves to retain body heat and protect the head.

Gloves and mittens made of waterproof fabrics that can also breathe are a great investment. While mittens provide less dexterity than gloves, they help to keep fingers warmer. Gloves or mittens that have built in wrist guards help to keep snow from falling into gloves and are a good choice for the novice.

Wholesale scarves that can be tucked under the winter wear can help to protect the neck from the cold. When off the slopes these accessories can help a person to look great. Choose a scarf that helps to accent the other winter outerwear for a great look.