The Secrets of Super Selling – How to Program Your Subconscious For Success by Lynea Corson, Ph D

The Secrets of Super Selling: How to Program Your Subconscious for Success by Lynea Corson is one of the “lost” books. It’s not well-known, but it works. Maybe it slipped through the cracks. It’s aimed at sales people, who are the biggest market for traditional self-help, motivational types of books. However, everybody interested in programming their subconscious minds for success in any field, for health or better relationships, can also use the principles.

She starts out with a detailed explanation of the subconscious mind and how to program it. A lot of this material is well-known to people who’ve read other such books. She does go into goal setting, affirmations, visualization and self-image. However, she uses a step by step procedure that’s much more detailed and complete than most books.

In addition, she teaches you how to create a magnetic energy field around your goals and programming. To the best of my knowledge, this is new to the field. I’m not sure how much it works because it creates a “true” field of some sort of energy, or just because it reinforces your goal to your subconscious, keeping you on tracking taking the actions that bring you success.

One aspect of this book that strikes me is the attention she pays to eliminating the negative — that is, beliefs and energy that hold you back. She describes a lot of techniques to get rid of them. Most such authors tend to focus on the positive and only the positive.

In many ways, this book is a combination of Napoleon Hill’s THINK AND GROW RICH and Maxwell Maltz’s PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, with a lot more focus on practical steps rather than explaining the theory (although she does explain things also).

She includes a chapter on the principle of receiving more by giving more than you receive. This is certainly one of Napoleon Hill’s favorite principles. He attributed much of his success and accomplishments in life to the habit of doing more than expected or than he would be paid for.

There are also later chapters on celebrating success. And then two chapters on not seeing results — on delays and dissolving blocks. She recognizes that many people hold themselves back from success, even when they appear to working for it by engaging in such programs, even when setting goals, visualizing and so on.

This book is the practical application of the Law of Attraction which has become so well known in recent years. It’s not about just keeping your mind on your goals, but keeping your mind on your goals so you keep on taking the actions that achieve those goals.

There’s not much here that’s woo woo. It’s mostly solid psychology with the goal of practical application in the service of more sales and greater success.