Shadow Boxing – A Test of Your Will

Shadow boxing, together with static and dynamic stretches, usually start a full -hour boxing workout. This prepares the muscles for a more physical activity. While doing shadow boxing, most boxers want to look at the mirror. This is the time to check “if you look pretty” because if you don’t, you must be doing something wrong.

For some, this exercise is a time to talk to the partner or trainer. Others tend to be flat- footed, thus not able to warm- up the lower body muscles. Some throw limited punches while on the other hand, some throw multiples. But very few think/ or have ever thought of it as a test of their will.

Yes, shadow boxing is a good test of one’s will. It is because the shadow boxer has control over his shadow boxing performance. It is a question of how am I going to execute the shadow boxing drill— the answers are limitless.

Shadow boxing can…

1. Teach focus- the concept of visualization can be applied. Boxer should think of himself as performing well in training or the ring. Imagination is a free perk, why not use it.

2. Separate the “men from the boys”- will you do a mediocre 2 rounds, or will you stand out from the rest and do your best? If you don’t have the heart to do your very best, might as well re- examine your life.

3. Improve your skills- In the boxing workout, it is all about improvement. Improving this drill will develop ones ability to learn new things.

4. make you look “pretty”- Proper boxing form is such a beauty. This may be ones motivation to do well. Aim to look pretty in there— that means you have improved on your overall skill level.

5. Improve conditioning- this activity, when done with intensity is great cardio. Suck your stomach in and it becomes a good core work. Use your hand weights and throw strong punches can improve your strength. Throw fast combos and you will improve your speed.

6. TEST YOUR WILL- The first 5 points are some benefits of this drill. Striving for excellence in whatever you do makes you a champion. Muhammad Ali said it best: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a CHAMPION. “

You have the control over your rounds. Will you step up or will you simply remain ordinary? I will leave it up to you.

Shadow Boxing Tips:

1. Train for form- proper body mechanics and form is important in developing effective power, speed and skill. Don’t rush— practice the drills you’re having difficulty with and maximize your strengths.

2. Train for strength- Throw hard punches with your 2 pound hand weights. After 2 minutes, drop your hand weights and shadow box without it for 1 minute— see the big difference.

3. Train for conditioning- Move around. Do lots of things in there. Don’t forget your proper breathing. Throw a lot of combinations— add multiple things to your boxing arsenal. Use your legs!

4. Train the core: Famous boxing quote— “No abs, no legs. No legs, no fight!” Core strength and conditioning are important. Improve your balance and body mechanics through this.

5. Train YOUR WILL- the 4 tips above will not be enough motivation if the mind is not willing. You have to have the will to surpass yourself— train like a Champion!

Everything that we do in the boxing workout has a purpose. Now you know the benefits and importance of shadow boxing. ‘Till then, see you in training!