Self Directed Home Care

Self-directed home care for the elderly is the direct management of care services by the consumer, as opposed management by an in home health care agency. It gives the consumer the ability to determine their own needs as well as the freedom to decide how and by whom to meet these needs. It allows senior citizens and those involved in their elder care to evaluate the quality of services and make choices about the care they receive accordingly. It also gives them the option of hiring family, friends, neighbors, or independent caregivers (i.e. in home health aides) to provide services, rather than an in home health care agency. And, it is a growing trend in long-term care for senior citizens.

There are many advantages to assistance in the home. Moving is difficult at any age, and many senior citizens prefer to stay in the comfort of their home for as long as possible. In-home care helps facilitate this. Moreover, moving to a facility can be costly and may not be necessary if the senior citizen can receive assistance with certain tasks in their home. 

Having the ability to self-direct care can be especially beneficial when the senior citizen or person responsible for the senior citizen’s elder care is unhappy with the quality of services they receive from an in home health care agency. Restrictions from the agency on the tasks their workers can perform as well as conflicts with worker availability can be downsides to using an agency. Self-directed in home care can help you avoid these issues. 

Also, self-directed home care is usually more cost effective than using an in home health care agency, because you are paying the caregiver directly. Since you are hiring the worker yourself, you can determine the services you wish to receive as well as the rate of pay. 

Self-directed care also has additional responsibilities not associated with using an in home health care agency. You will have to recruit applicants, interview, and hire caregivers yourself.  

Although self-directed home care has many advantages, it is not right for everyone. Using a home health care agency may be necessary if a person requires 24-hour care or has more advanced medical needs. To ensure safety, consider the specific needs of the senior citizen and the ability of the caregiver to meet those needs.