Road to Success: A Road with Closed and Open Doors

Closed doors are permitted to become a filter on planning for the future. For successful people, closed doors become a guide to light them through difficult situations. Many who have not seen closed doors as failure, looking back over their years, have thanked God for closed doors for they had found other open doors. For some, closed doors make them spend their days in regret for what they did not get. People blame everybody and everything but their own attitudes for their frustration. However, walking down the road, leaving these doors, you will find open doors of opportunity.

Commonly, some of the richest blessings are received when encountering closed doors. People’s desires lead them to hope for only one door, while closing others. Due to different circumstances, people are forced to leave what they always wanted. In fact, some individuals move farther in their life before the door is finally closed. However, other individuals face the circumstances and begin to open a door in another profession. In fact, this open door comes with new challenges and definite gratifications.

You wouldn’t do many things if the door you preferred had not closed. To illustrate, many women go to college looking for what they wish. Some do not reach their goal due to situations beyond their control; this door is closed. However, for some the door of marriage did open and through this door they carried their dream of making significant contributions. Sometimes in the hearts of their children they put seeds of success. The lives of these brilliant women show that they did not allow a closed door to become an obstacle in their lives.

Sports-lovers have had to leave their sports and open the door to success in a totally different way. They heroically strive to adjust themselves to looking for a new door of opportunity due to circumstances such as illness and other situations. Since they did not lose faith and permit the frustration of their early dreams to become an obstacle, they found that door to success.

Successful people listen, study, train and plan for a career in other areas when doors are closed. Furthermore, they discipline their powers, overcome fears and are able to help themselves. For some people, incidents such as tragic accidents had shut and locked their desired door for success in a particular area. However, these brave people do not despair and continue to work hard in different areas to improve their lives. In spite of physical disabilities, they do not allow life to be abnormal.

Winners recognize that some doors are temporarily closed and that they reopen for success. They also recognize that God’s wisdom makes necessary this closing of doors if the doors chosen are not the best. They finally recognize that some doors are closed by acts initiated by carelessness and lack of faith.

The world is for the individuals seeking new doors in place of doors that had closed. Faith makes an individual grow and find his or her way in the search for new opportunities. There is no place for recrimination, bitterness, self-pity, or settling for an unworthy living of a second rate life. If your door is closed, embrace the faith and courage to find new and positive doors. They will be certainly open for you.