Pursuing a Career in Primary Care

Research and orientation in the field of primary care is basically involved with population health as well as health care. Basic needs for pursuing a career in primary health care with quality institutes like the University of California Davis School of Medicine that was established in 1968 and aims at providing the basic knowledge as well as platform for the students in the field of medical science. Primary care, spiritual practices, public health and hygiene, research, and administration are the disciplines in which career building is supported in such institutes.

Primary health care requirements

o Research and experiments in primary care.
o Improving population health and health care.
o Capacity building and efforts to improve the primary health standards.
o Following a structured career pathway.
o Avoiding commonly encountered pitfalls.

What it means?

Primary health care is the backbone of health care system of the country.

Balanced blend of basic with clinical science is the requirement.

Art of communication with patients is one of the major requirements.

Transition from basic to clinical sciences takes place with presentations of pathology, nutrition, pharmacology, microbiology, human sexualities, and pathological basis of diseases with physical diagnosis.

Laboratory diagnostic techniques and community health comprises major component of primary health care.

Minority admissions, active recruitment programs coordinating the medical education and student services as well as a 2-week summer pre-matriculation program are provided in a host of disciplines. Such disciplines include biomedical engineering, biophysics, endocrinology, nutrition, psychology, and genetics. In association with the UC Berkely School of Public Health as well as the UC School of Medicine, the institute offers its MD-MPH programs.

Career Building Requirements

Requirements for career building are basic premedical science course and one year study in English and mathematics. Integral calculus must form a part of mathematics study undertaken. Resident students and WICHE applicants get the first preference in admission to most of the schools. Special facilities of admission to the third year of the course are allowed to students having good standing in U.S and Canadian Medical Schools subject to availability of seats in institutes like the University of California Davis School of Medicine. With 523 beds and around 100 clinical facilities, the university also has a number of affiliated hospitals as well as family practice centers to support it. Big library with 142,000 volumes and 3700 medical journals remains an added attraction for the students.