Popular Uses of a Compound Bow

The compound bow was used as a hunting weapon, protection, as well as a weapon of war in the old days. The world has modernized and now, people just look at bows with less threatening point of view. Archery has evolved from being a way to defend oneself and the people they serve to a more leisurely art or sport.

In the Olympics alone, there are a number of specific categories, which allow the compound bow to take part. Apart from this, another popular use for the compound bow is bow hunting. This is a more humane approach to hunting live game. It is vastly popular in the American and European regions where hunting small and large game is legal.

There are a number of approaches to bow hunting. Some may opt to stalk their prey until they have a clear shot of it. Stalking and close range approach requires skill in stealth, maneuver and accuracy so as not to spook the game away. Another is by means of still hunting or steady waiting. This requires good tactics, as the hunter’s location must be strategic enough to ensure that their prey will go to their vicinity as opposed to the hunter nearing the game. This method requires patience, stealth and a steady aim to be able to get their prey in as little as one single shot.

Another form of hunting is called bow fishing; from the name itself, one will be hunting for fish using their bows of choice such as the compound bow. A more modernized sport for the compound bow is called target archery. This is the most popular competition known to archers worldwide. Perhaps, one can think of it as a giant scale dart game. In the United States and in Europe, field archery is a popular sport; it is set in a field where a number of wooded targets are placed at various distances. Some other field archery practices involve the recreation of bow hunting in the field; this is more of a simulation as marked targets are positioned in a field where the archers must hit specific areas to gain points. It is much like a practice or a preparation exercise for those who wish to try bow hunting, as this will enhance one’s aim, accuracy and patience.

The compound bow is an ideal choice particularly in the field as it is affected very little by humidity and temperature changes making it retain its accuracy and stability. There are other novelty archery competitions which are governed by the International Archery Federation.