New and Interesting Halloween Costumes For 2009

What are the hottest costumes for this year going to be? Well, of course we know that the Transformers and GI Joe will be big, especially with the little boys. Michael Jackson will be well represented by costumes from every era of his life and by every type of person without regard to age, sex, color or greed. But, what else is going to be hot for 2009?

The Watchmen
The iconic graphic novel sprang to life and came to theaters with a bang. The biggest costume choices here will be Rorschach and The Silk Specter. Both are fairly simple costumes to wear and should be considered for nearly all body types.

The Transformers
Good or bad. Autobot or Decepticon? You make the choice, you wear the costume. Little boys especially are going to love these costumes.

GI Joe
Again, good or bad? Joe or Foe? Storm Shadow or Cobra? The choice is up to you of course. These are again going to be a big hit with little boys, but the big boys might like the military look as well.

Super Heroes
Nothing will ever knock Batman, Superman or Spider-man off the hot Halloween costume list. They may sink toward the bottom at times, but they will always be on there.

Horror Movie Stars
Rob Zombie is directing another version of Halloween this year, so of course everyone will be pulling out their Michael Myer’s costumes again. Michael will be joined by Freddy Krueger and Jason as well, because what is Halloween without a gang of teen-murdering maniacs?

Sports Stars
Pick your favorite team and then don their colors for an easy and affordable, but always popular Halloween choice. Of course, you could spice things up for the season by adding a little bit of a twist. Dress as a dead hockey player and call yourself a Dead Wing. (Add your own twist to the sport of your choice of course.)

Finally, remember, if it is hot on television or in the theaters, you can bet it will be a hot Halloween costume choice for the year as well. Don’t be afraid to go a little creepy, a little scary. It is Halloween after all. Happy Haunting!