LED Bike Lights, Cycling and Fitness

Cycling is good for the health; LED bike lights and your choices

Obviously cycling is good for your health! But just how good is it? Of all the fitness related sports and activities, cycling is one of the best because it is very easy on the body. Cycling is a low impact sport, which unlike running does not place undue pressure on joints or bones. Professional and keen cyclists can enjoy fitness levels which are comparable to people ten years younger than themselves! That’s no small thing when one considers how much fun cycling is. Riding a cycle is green, cheap and good for you; so what more could we ask for? Good safety awareness is paramount and a responsible rider knows this and ensures their equipment is well maintained and that they have all of the legal requirements on their cycle such as good lighting. LED bike lights are an excellent choice, inexpensive to buy and excellent as far as power consumption is concerned LED bike lights are fast becoming the light of choice for all serious cyclists.

Facts about cycling and fitness

Some facts about cycling and fitness are unarguably encouraging to the new cyclist who may be thinking of taking it up as a regular form of fun exercise.

  • Professional cyclists are possibly the fittest of all athletes; one famous pro has a resting pulse rate of only 28 beats per minute when a good fitness level is 40 to 60 and normal is 70 to 100!
  • Cycling just 20 miles per week regularly is enough to bring your fitness levels in line with a person who is ten years younger than you. Fancy being 40 at 50? 30 at 40? It’s achievable with regular cycling!
  • Cycling is an aerobic exercise which means that the heart and lungs benefit enormously and a strong heart and lungs are the basis for general fitness.
  • Muscle strength is built up by cycling only a few miles per day.
  • Cycling burns fat. Just 2 minutes of cycling per day can help you to burn fat and lose excess weight.
  • Stress reduction; cycling is one of the best forms of exercise to help you release good endorphins which in turn help to reduce stress levels.

LED bike lights and you

So you want to take up this great sport, to benefit from the many things which cycling offers. Check out your options with regards to safety equipment including LED bike lights; ensure that you buy the best you can afford as a high quality set will be with you for some time. It is not only LED bike lights which will keep you safe of course, a good helmet properly fitted could save your life; don’t stint on this, most important of must-haves. LED bike lights are now available in all shapes and sizes, there is something to suit all tastes and pockets; do your research and ride safely, your health can only be improved with cycling!