Is There a Future For Organic and Foam Mattresses?

Even with children’s bedroom furniture there is a trend leaning toward the use of organic mattresses. Both adults and children are learning the importance of having a mattress that is healthy both in the way it is made and the way it treats your body. With the increasing popularity of organic foods, doesn’t it seem likely that mattresses should go in the same direction? You do not want to sleep on something that uses pesticides and chemicals during manufacturing nor do you want to subject your children to these unhealthy products.

People will also learn that foam mattresses are healthier and provide a better night’s sleep. As more people begin to see how much difference a mattress makes, we will see more people opting for foam mattress instead of the traditional mattress that has been the one of choice for centuries. When we understand the health benefits of a foam mattress we are more likely to want to throw out the old mattress and invest in one that will make the most difference in our sleep patterns. A good night’s sleep is the essence of our overall health; if we are unable to sleep, our health is going to deteriorate thus subjecting us to various illnesses that our immune system will be unable to fight.

The interest in organic products is growing and as people become more interested in natural materials in the products they use the more we will see the popularity of organic mattresses increase. People are becoming more aware of what is going into their bodies as well as what is in the air they breathe and as such they are looking at labels and choosing those products that do not include pesticides and other chemicals. As more people accept the reality of these unsafe products and begin to look toward more natural products, we will find more homes with organic mattresses than we do now and this figure will increase as we progress into the 21st century.

With organic mattresses that are safer and foam mattresses that are healthier for sleep the trend of the future is quite likely to be organic foam mattresses. People will stop looking at traditional mattresses and choose what is going to help induce health sleep and prevent them from breathing unhealthy chemicals and pesticides as they sleep. It may seem minor when we look at the other chemicals we breathe without being able to do anything about it but each thing we fail to ingest or breathe is one less unhealthy product going into our lungs or digestive tract.

If we choose organic mattresses for our children we may even discover a decrease in the cases of childhood allergies, ADD and ADHD. Keep in mind that a short time ago these conditions were almost unheard of, so there must a correlation between the chemicals in the mattresses and other products to which our children are exposed. As parents, we cannot eliminate every possibility but we can surely reduce how much of these unhealthy chemicals encounter our children.