How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

Years ago choosing a health insurance plan was not a big trouble. Of course there were less health insurance plans to choose from but also people were able to go to almost any doctor and hospital to receive medical care.

Today things are a bit more complicated not only because there is a wide choice of different insurance schemes, but because of the restrictions each one hides. Moreover almost all of the health insurance plans available have some managed care policy that means that it is not possible to use any doctor, any hospital and even a medical service of certain costs.

For the average American picking up the right health insurance plan is a bit complicated especially if he doesn’t know much about the plans available. In general there are several insurance schemes – Indemnity plan (also called fee-for-service plan), managed care, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Point-of-Service plan (POS). each one of these has it advantages and disadvantages so it is best to read about them and see which conditions are best for you and your family.

The next question that might bother you is where you can get one of these plans. The first resource is the group policies. Usually you can get a managed care or indemnity plan through a group policy. The policy can be offered by your employer or through the job of a member of your family.

If your company doesn’t offer group policies or if you are self-employed, you can get an individual health insurance policy. Another option is to check if your professional organization is offering group policies. Keep in mind that individual health insurance policies are likely to cost more than the group insurance policies.

Old people can apply for a federal insurance program called Medicare. A choice between a fee-for-service and managed care plan is available. Low-income people can also benefit from a federal health insurance program called Medicaid. It is very popular among children and pregnant women and offers managed care health insurance plans.

The best way to compare health insurance plans is to ask yourself some questions that will show you the right way. What services are offered by each plan? What will be the chose of doctors, hospitals and other medical care institutions? Where you will have to go to receive care? What are the costs? Once you have the answers of these basic questions the right health insurance plan will become obvious.