Healthy Weight Loss – 9 Do’s & Don’ts and Tips For Losing Weight

There are many ways of combating weight gain and even obesity but healthy weight loss is undoubtedly one of the safest possible options. What is healthy weight loss? That is when you do so in a manner that his good for your physical health. It is quite clear that being overweight can lead to many life-threatening health issues if left unchecked. Also though, gaining and then losing, then gaining and losing and gaining again are even more damaging to your health. This is often referred to as the roller coaster.

Healthy choices concerning nutrition, environmental factors, nutritional supplements, physical exercise, relationships and self esteem are so important for your long term success.

Effective healthy weight loss tips for combating being overweight or obesity:

o Do not try to lose those extra pounds too fast like a lot of the promo advertisements suggest. It is seen all too often that weight lost fast comes back even faster. This is due to the metabolism being slowed. As you loss too fast for your health, your metabolism slows like a starvation syndrome. Then when you eat even normally or over eat, it still burns the calories like you will still not have enough, thus leading to fast weight gain.

o Some people resort to starving themselves, binging and purging or even anorexia, which obviously is an unhealthy method of losing weight. For anyone to eat less than is needed for proper nutrition is harmful. Even the weight loss surgery is not recommended unless it is absolutely necessary as the result is from moderate to extreme malnutrition which definitely affects your long term health.

o It is necessary to adapt to long term lifestyle changes and not just maintaining a strict diet regime for a few months or days. Commitment and having reasons for you will make the difference. It is a rare person who gets healthy just because a spouse or parent want you too, even when nagging is an issue. You must have your own compelling reasons. So dig deep and find your inner power for the strength to take the time necessary to achieve health and wellness in all areas of your life, including weight issues.

o Balanced dieting and workouts are known to be very effective for shedding down the unwanted pounds and gaining toning of muscles. Intake of junk food is strictly not on any natural plan. You should consume at least 3 fresh vegetables and 3 fresh fruit each day. Always serve with your meals adequate protein, which can come from many sources. It is a major building block for the body. We would highly recommend you to supplement your diet with nutritious foods. Study what is recommended in the food pyramid for healthy eating. Many things have changed as more research has been done long term. Literally the food pyramid is turned almost upside down. Google Search will give you a lot of information on this area.

o Eat small portions of food more often. Six small meals work much better in the long run than three. That way you never let yourself get too hungry and take the chance of binge. By doing this, the body metabolism will function smoothly which will result in healthy weight loss.

o Use small salad plates to serve your meals on and small bowls as well. When visually you see the full plate it makes the mind feel like you are eating more than you really are. Eat slowly and put your fork down between bites. Most people almost shovel food rather than eat. Try an experiment for a week or so, eat each meal very slowly, always put folk down and really taste the food and feel the texture. You will feel full much faster.

o Some people need a very strict schedule for times to eat but more often, you will get the results you seek, if you eat when you get hungry, not starved and stuffing yourself. It is necessary to consume a controlled level of calories. Try to reduce the intake of fatty food and replace them with nutritional healthy food.

o Drink lot of water as it weakens the enzymes produced within your belly. It is one of best natural hunger suppressants. It helps in improving your body parts like liver and kidney by eliminating the waste materials. It also burns the body fats hence converting them into useful energy. You could drink water even before eating so that you will not overstuff yourself. However, drink a big glass of water ½ hr before eating and never during meals. Also don’t drink again for ½ hr after meal. That is a huge tip for success.

o Consume food rich in fiber like high fiber breads, strawberries, apples, broccoli, and beans. These are used as hunger suppressants to reduce weight as they contain very few calories. Also east a variety of foods, try new things and new recipes. This takes boredom from setting in.

o Physical activity is an essential element of healthy weight loss plan. You’ll need to do the workouts everyday and burn the amount of calories which you in intake. It is quite sufficient if you exercise regularly for fifteen minutes every day. Try vigorous walking, jogging, jumping, and swimming three times a week as well. Get your physicians permission as you take up any physical plan.

Since people carrying extra weight or are in obesity have higher chances of relapsing, findings reveal that it is hard to treat this medical condition. Individuals who have lost weight before are at higher risk of gaining it back and more within the next few years. Therefore, you will need to maintain your healthy weight loss program for life. Strong resolve and personal commitment to change your life for the last time is the key. Do not let others discourage you. You control your choices and you are the one to benefit for life with these healthy choices.