Healthcare Insurance – Your Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Stinks (You Can Do Better)

“Wow, I got a job with great healthcare package,” is probably what you thought when you landed that awesome job. Think again. Here are the major downfalls about your employer health insurance:

… It does not make available permanent protection if you lose your job.
… It does not make available a high lifetime maximum benefit package.
… It does not make available a source of funds for preventative care (Although some discounts may be available for preventative care) that could help you save money in the long run.
… It does not make available quality health once you retire.
… It does not make available long term or in home health care choices.
… It does not make available Health Saving Accounts (HSA), which allows you to choose your own medical providers. HAS’s also allow you to save unspent dollars so that you can use that money in the future.

The above list just gives you an idea what’s wrong with your current health insurance and is not a complete list by any means. The situation gets even worse; did you know that a company you worked for 20 or more years can claim bankruptcy and restructure their business and eliminate your healthcare package? This is scary because at 65 or older it is extremely to get difficult to buy your own health insurance.

Here are the benefits of buying your own healthcare insurance now:

… You cannot be dropped from the insurance if you develop a serious illness.
… You are more secure because as long as you for your insurance it is permanent. This means that when you are 65 or older you cannot be turned down health insurance because you have it and that insurance cannot be canceled.
… You are not as exposed to financial risk.
… You can save unspent money in an HAS to use later in life. This will protect your other assets.
… You can choose to have in home care and not be in a nursing home.