Happiness From Books – Some Self-Help Books That Teach You How to Smile Again

Happiness can be learned, although it is innate in us. We often are not aware of it and seek it in books.

Do you think, happiness can be taught? It is a skill that can help us a lot. It helps us overcome all sorts of obstacles that may present themselves in our lives.

Happiness book authors are wise people. Shall we have a look at some authors and their books?

The Ancient Greeks already knew about the human desire to be happy.The Greek philosopher Aristotle observed that no person, deliberately, chooses to be unhappy. But he also said that happiness does not equal happiness. In other words, happiness is not the same thing for everybody.

If somebody is happy, they will also be able to smile. Happiness and a smile go together. A smile expresses a happy mind and a happy spirit.

Do you know what smile stands for? (according to Master Chunyi Lin, the developer of SpringForestQiGong) “S” stands for Start, “M” stands for My, “I” stands for Inner, “L” stands for Love, “E” stands for Engine. Put ting the letters together, we read: Start My Inner Love Engine.

A true smile comes from the heart. That is why it also comes from a happy person. The Dalai Lama said that Happiness is an Art. He has written a book that is titled: The Art of Happiness. A Handbook for Living. The Dalai Lama takes a spiritual approach and offers compassion as the root of happiness. This holds certainly true. If somebody acts with compassion, they feel happiness in their hearts and are able to smile. If you are a spiritual person, you certainly with cherish this book and understand the word compassion in its fullest meaning.

Most authors who write about happiness do it as part of their findings or thoughts. Happiness is part of a perfect lifestyle.

You can read Jack Canfield’s Success Principles where he also explains that happiness is just a part of a better living, like better health, better finances, better relationships, more fun

The same idea is developed in the book Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray: happiness is part of your change for more freedom in the sense of better health, better finances, better relationships and so on and so forth.

Bob Proctor also develops the same ideas. Happiness is just the expression of how one feels about his/her life and consequently, if happiness is present, a smile will follow or will always be on their face and in their eyes.

Go and grab one of these books that teach you a lot about how to act so that change will follow and bring happiness and a smile.So that you can smile again even if you had forgotten how to do it! Sometimes it is better to laugh, especially at ourselves. Once you have learned that everything in life has got its humorous side, you will start smiling and laughing again. And this is the best self-help.