Getting Certification in a Health Career at the Carrington College

There are many single Universities offering degrees and certifications in health related career fields, and there are also groups of related colleges located in many states. The Carrington College is an example of a school that has locations in many states and offers degrees and certifications in health related studies.

The Carrington College was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1976 and offered degrees for skilled professionals. The college grew to ten campuses throughout the northwest in states such as Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and New Mexico. It had also begun to offer online courses and certification degrees at the two-year level. At the end of 2003, the college was acquired by the US Education Corporation which also was comprised of universities from the Western Career College chain. In 2010, the DeVry college group from California acquired the college chain, and rebranded the Apollo name to Carrington. The DeVry group also owns colleges in northern Brazil, and became noteworthy in June, 2009, when it replaced the newly bankrupted General Motors on the Standard and Poor’s stock index.

The Carrington College group currently has 20 campus locations. Nine of those twenty are in California. They also offer online courses and certifications. The online courses in the health field include Health Administration and Health Information Technology. Both of these disciplines allow people to enter the health services field in a way that puts organizational skills into use without direct contact with patients. For some, this is a desirable way to have a career in the health field. The degree courses at some of the physical locations include everything from Veterinary Technicians to Dental Hygiene and Registered Nursing. Some of the campuses also offer degrees in Business Administration and Criminal Justice.

The certification aspect of the health careers requires a pre-certification examination to determine whether the basic requirements for certification are met. The schools are accredited to offer certification through such organizations as the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) for nursing and Commission on Dental Accreditation for dental certifications.

Health service careers are a growing part of the national economy. The prospect for jobs is currently strong and is expected to grow over 20{1d2611b7b2358db1a5d290a72f211c932ff29d0dc596ec3bc444512a63e05c32} for the next decade. Starting a career in any of the health fields can require as little as two years of formal education. Some disciplines also have certification or licensing requirements and may involve some volunteer experience before moving into a paying position. Colleges like Carrington offer campuses throughout the western states and also have online degrees available. The availability and affordability of education has never been easier to obtain.