Dental Consulting – A Bridge to Better Business

A dental consulting firm can help a dental practice develop and execute a successful business plan. From defining long-term goals to attending to small details, a consultant can improve a dental office’s ability to deliver its services.

For a practice to thrive, it must function efficiently at multiple levels, from offering the care clients want to marketing its services to bill collection to customer service. Even a small practice has to juggle this array of responsibilities, which can become overwhelming.

A dental consultant can address all of these areas or target individual issues. In either case, the goal is to build an organized, smoothly running practice that can compete in its local marketplace.

The big picture and the little details
Long-term profitability requires long-range, strategic planning. But amid the daily demands of running a dental office, time for this crucial planning may slip away. A dental consulting firm can put together a strategic plan for a practice and outline the steps necessary to meet the plan’s goals. The firm also can hold the practice accountable, making sure the goals are met.

A consultant may be especially valuable if the practice is confronting major challenges: aiming for substantial growth, dealing with a transition in or expansion of services, or struggling to attract and retain clients. A consultant can draw on previous experience with similar practices to solve these big-picture issues. In a competitive environment, the cost of a misstep could be dire, which makes a consultant’s guidance vital.

A good dental consulting company hired to develop a strategic plan or address other issues like a marketing plan will take the time to evaluate how these initiatives are executed and who is carrying them out. Details matter. They can drive the success of a plan or derail it. A good consultant will attend to them. If the accountant is sloppy and careless, a personnel change may be necessary. If customer service is poor, training should be provided. If a dentist has fallen behind industry current standards, some continuing education may be in order.

A healthy office and hiring a consultant
A fresh perspective and a new business plan offered by an outside party also has the potential to reduce conflict within the office. A consultant can assess the health of the business objectively and create a long-term plan that does not fall prey to internal agendas and biases. Ideally, the consultant is a unifying and empowering force for the practice and its staff members.

Before hiring a consultant, a dental practice should know why it needs and wants the counsel of an external adviser. The reasons should be specific and significant, so the results can be measured and meaningful. Because this is a substantial financial commitment, the dental practice should interview several candidates and their clients. Results matter more than promises, so the satisfaction of previous clients should be weighed heavily.

A worthwhile dental consulting company will do more than produce a few reports and wish you the best. It will provide ongoing, in-person support at regular intervals for the period of the contract, whether it be a year, two years or five years.