Catuaba Bark Extract – Sex Enhancer Or Natural Sleep Herb?

There are many benefits you can derive from drinking tea made from catuaba bark extract. Although it is most praised for its abilities as an aphrodisiac, it may also b helpful as a natural sleep herb. Though you don’t usually think of sleep aid herbs as being able to help with sexual dysfunction, there is some evidence to support that theory with this herb.

A Brief History

The benefits of drinking tea made from catuaba bark extract are not new to South Americans. In fact, they have praised it for many generations not as a natural sleep herb but as an aphrodisiac. It tends to cause confusion when you look at these sleep aid herbs and wonder how it is possible for them to perform two completely different functions. It become really confusing when you consider that this herb is a stimulant rather than a depressant, thus is should be allowing you to stay awake rather than sleep.

These herbs for sleep are native to the Amazon jungle in Brazil. The tree is medium in size and has a flowery leafy appearance. Although it is related to the coca plant, it fails to possess alkaloids you find in cocaine. The tree from which catuaba bark extract comes has a very thick and knotty truck with an above-ground root system. The orange and yellow flowers on the trees produce small fruits that are not edible.

Some of the components of this natural sleep herb include bitter substance, alkaloids, tannins, aromatic oils, fatty resins and phytosterols just to name a few. Although one does not think of sleep aid herbs as sexual stimulants, catuaba has the reputation of being a natural sex enhancer. Although the information is legendary, many of the Brazilian states feel it is responsible for any male offspring born after the father reaches the age of 60.

Health Benefits

Although catuaba bark extract is better known as a sexual enhancer, some evidence also suggests it is a natural sleep herb as well. Among the benefits that you may receive of catuaba tea, you will find the following:

  • May increase libido. It may also cause the commencement of sexual dreams that will intensify a person’s interest in sex.
  • May help treat prostatis and sexual dysfunction
  • May help with HIV treatment
  • May have an effect on calming the nervous system
  • May have memory enhancing properties
  • Some evidence exists to promote these plants as sleep aid herbs
  • May improve your mood

How many of the above benefits are supported by fact is unknown at this time thus documentation states there is a possibility rather than actual fact. In addition the effect of these herbs on an individual will vary based on many different factors including age, condition of health, stability of the immune system and other important factors. That doesn’t mean you should not attempt to use catuaba for sleep enhancement because it may very well provide the results you need. Take caffeine for example: some people can drink anything with caffeine after a certain time a day while others can do it right before bed and it actually helps them relax.