Carl Jung’s Theories and The Self-Advanced Dream Interpretation and Mental Health

The trip to the Self is an internal journey through dream interpretation, or through literature, in which the dreamer or literary author speculates the content of his/her psyche. The symbolic meaning of this trip is the pursuit of the true meaning of life.

According to Carl Jung’s psychology this trip is part of an advanced level of dream interpretation. It begins only when the dreamer has already passed through the first stages of the basic unconscious psychotherapy. This trip will be followed only by those who have the desire to discover solutions for existential problems that cannot be easily solved.

I had to disagree with Carl Jung in this point after continuing his research in the unknown region of the human psyche. I discovered the roots of the human absurdity, clarifying all the obscure points that he couldn’t see with the knowledge he had.

You don’t need to be the big hero described by Jung when you decide to speculate the unknown content of your psyche because this content is already known thanks to my research. I show you from the beginning all the dangers of your journey ahead, and what you’ll find in the end. You only need to take dream interpretation seriously and truly believe in the unconscious wisdom.

For Carl Jung, the trip to the Self was very dangerous because he didn’t know that all the evilness and the absurdity of the human mind come from the anti-conscience, the wild side of our conscience. Jung believed that those who have no necessity to learn more must simply live based on their conscious notions, without investigating the dark content of their psyche.

I totally disagree with his statement. Everyone must indispensably investigate the content of their psyche through dream interpretation before having psychological problems. Teenagers must learn how to translate the meaning of their dreams while their human conscience is still very strong. This way, they will never become mentally ill in their lives.

The craziness we have inherited in the anti-conscience is a true bomb. We have to get rid of this poisonous content as fast as possible.

The unconscious mind can cure all mental illnesses through dream interpretation. However, it takes a lot of time to cure patients who suffer from grave mental illnesses, like psychosis, schizophrenia, or some types of bipolar disorder.

These patients cannot follow dream therapy alone. They don’t cooperate with their doctors; they refuse to pay attention to their dreams or relate them to what is happening in their lives. Their psychotherapy is based on the dreams that the psychiatrist/psychologist will have about their mental condition and on the observation of their behavior. The unconscious mind gives clear information to all doctors about the mental and physical health of their patients.

Depressed and neurotic individuals are cured in a period of time that varies from 2 to 8 months of psychotherapy, while patients who suffer from grave mental illnesses may need up to 15 years of psychotherapy. This is why I concentrated my attention on preventing craziness before it is too late.

Follow my lessons and learn the dream language. You’ll be constantly protected and guided by the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces your dreams. After acquiring perfect mental health, you’ll help everyone around you with this knowledge.