Audiobooks Can Help You Be a Better Person

You may have noticed the rise in popularity of audiobooks of late. Like written books, audiobooks are made in every genre from self help, sci-fi, biographies, religious, thrillers and more. One of the fastest growing genres of audiobooks has been self help and self improvement audiobooks.

Self help audiobooks come in several categories including creativity, health and fitness, interpersonal skills, motivation, personal growth, sex and relationships, stress management, success, time management, and religious titles. There really is a theme of self help audiobooks for everyone’s needs.

There are many great creativity titles available. These can include such greats as John C Maxwell’s Thinking for a Change which teaches 11 ways that successful people approach life and work. Another great audio book is titled How to Think Like Einstein by Scott Thorpe which teaches techniques used by Einstein and other geniuses use to expand their mind.

A best selling health and fitness audiobook author is Dr Nicholas Perricone which specializes on how your health can affect how your appearance. There are also great health audiobooks on popular diets like Atkins and the Zone diet.

A very practical audiobook to help with interpersonal skills is 250 Job Interview Questions by Peter Veruki. Veruki’s audiobook is a must to prepare anyone who is expecting a job interview or for new college graduates. Another beneficial audiobook to help improve interpersonal skills is How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds by Milo Frank. This audiobooks teaches how to get your point across in 30 seconds and why it is important. And it provides the research to back it up.

One of my favorite motivational audiobooks of all time is The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz. This classic was written in 1959 and its principles hold true today. Dr. Schwartz teaches that one does not have to be an intellectual or have some kind of a special innate talent to be a success, but what one needs is to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will help you get there.

There are many personal growth audiobooks to choose from. They can come from many different famous peoples perspectives like the Dalai Lama’s book The Art of Dying. There are also modern classics like Eckhart Tolle’s Gateway to Now.

There are sex and relationship audiobooks from many different perspectives. They can range from authors like the traditionalists Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s audiobook 10 Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships, to Sex in the City writer Greg Behrendt’s popular book He’s Just Not That Into You.

One of the most popular time management audiobooks is Ken Blanchard’s The On-Time, On-Target Manager. This is an engaging parable which teaches how to overcome procrastination and increase productivity.

There are also some great religious titles out there like The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. This inspiring book helps you to figure out who you are and what is God’s amazing plan for your life. This is an audiobooks that everyone needs to listen too, even if you are not a Christian.

With there being such a great variety and such quality self help audiobooks out there, it is easy to see why they are such a hit. One of the best things about them is how easy it is to just put them in the CD player or have them loaded to your iPod and then you can listen to them when ever you want. It is also easy to play your audiobook a second and third time to really absorb and learn its lessons.

Today you don’t have to get your audiobooks as books on tape and you don’t have to drive all the way to the mall to buy your audiobook as a CD. Now, the best way to find an audiobook is on the internet. Audiobooks can be downloaded for instant access in mp3 format off of the web. After downloading your audiobook, you can play it on your PC, burn it to a disc, or load it to your iPod or mp3 player. It’s as easy as that. Another great feature is that downloaded audiobooks are at a fraction of the costs of packaged audiobook CD’s from the store.

With such a great variety of self help audiobooks, and with downloading audiobooks faster and less expensive then every before, don’t you think it’s time that you discovered how easy it is improve your live by listening to audiobooks too?