Are There 3D TV Shows?

3D technology has given the world economy a small boost. With rising popularity and increased technological developments 3D TV is now possible. You can view popular movies at the theater in 3D and now you can view 3D TV shows right from your own home. But this technology doesn’t come without a price.

In the past few years the demand for 3D technology be it in cameras or in movie making has increased so, giving a good opportunity for producing three dimensional TV show. However, there are few risks to be taken care of. Many countries and channels are testing the technology of 3D broadcasting for some major terrestrial networks but currently, it is out of reach. But, for the satellite and cable networks broadcasting 3D TV show will be an easier task as its implementation is easier with its wide bandwidth frequency which cannot be applied for terrestrial networks.

But there is news that channels like ESPN and Discovery Communications are going to launch their three dimensional TV networks, thus great news for three dimensional TV show viewers. Few others who have joined them are the sports unit of Walt Disney company will be launching ESPN 3D which has been advertised as the first three dimensional TV network in the industry will be beginning in June and will be having around 85 live sporting events in its first year.The Discovery channel has also decided to launch a dedicated 24/7 three dimensional TV networks in the US by the year 2011. For this it will have a partnership with IMAX Corp and Sony Corp.

3D technology is not a new thing but it was mainly not successful earlier due to the problem of wearing special type of glasses which not only caused physical discomfort but also resulted in some news of health hazard, due to which it mainly remained confined to movies and sports. But with the recent development of 3D technology nowadays you need not wear special glasses to view three dimensional TV shows or movies or any events.

So, the 3D technology is now spreading its tentacles towards 3D TV shows as well which more and more consumers will be adopt with the development of the 3D TV networks.