Antibiotic Resistance

Winter is fast approaching, which means that the flu and cold season in also on its way. Even during the most wonderful time of the year, getting sick can ruin the best planned parties and social events. Getting sick is no fun, however, the fast solution to getting better, may not always be the best course of action.

Asking your doctor for antibiotics can be not only detrimental to your health, but also adding to the increased antibiotic resistance to many of the diseases and illnesses found in our every day lives.

With AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis constantly in the News headlines, antibiotic resistance should be on the minds of many Americans, but when receiving the advice of doctors to try and get better without antibiotics, many people decide they would rather take the easy way out.

Taking antibiotics is usually an effective way to treat the symptoms and diseases that enter our lives, but in the long run it is hurting antibiotics effectiveness.  For minor illnesses that do not need antibiotics, taking antibiotics causes the diseases to become more potent and the drugs, less effective. 

Antibiotic resistance can happen in nature, of course, through natural selection. This is a process that we cannot fight, not only because it is hard to predict, but also because these mutations happen extremely fast.

However, we can prevent the overuse of antibiotics. The next time you or your family is sick, try to treat the symptoms with common medications, bed rest, and lots of water. Being a responsible citizen of the global community by decreasing the use of antibiotics can help you and your family in the long-run, by decreasing the chance of these common diseases mutating in to more serious forms.  

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