Air Mattress Bed – For Sleeping Comfort

Most people spend about 8 hours per day on their bed. That’s one third of a day which we can safely assume that we spend one third of our lives on the bed for our sleeping needs. An air mattress bed is a good choice for spending one third of our lives because of its comfort and versatility.

These beds can provide you with many benefits. Sleeping comfort, even pressure points, adjustable firmness, portability and less likely to become breeding grounds for bed bugs and dust mites.

Sleeping comfort:

Air mattress beds give way to heavier parts of your body than lighter parts. These beds react or give way to different pressures it receives. When lying down, our body has different weights from head to feet. The shoulder and hip areas has more weight than the other parts of our body. Air mattresses adjust to this uneven weight giving your body an even pressure from shoulders to feet.

Adjustable Firmness:

This is a great advantage over other bed types. You can choose the firmness of other bed types when you buy them, which mean you will have to try out the bed before buying them. That’s the firmness you will get for as long as you use the bed.

Air mattresses however, let you adjust the firmness ‘on site’. You can adjust the firmness that is most comfortable to you when it is already installed right in your bedroom. Even if you have used it for several years, you can still get the same type of comfort you got when it was brand new. Other types sag with age.

A small amount of air however, escapes from the air mattress material. But that’s not a problem since most air mattresses come with an electric pump. Just power up the air pump and inflate or deflate it according to what’s most comfortable to you.

Dust mites and bed bugs.

This is another aspect that air mattress beds are advantageous to other types of bed. Since these beds are air tight, the volume (length x width x height) of your mattress are impenetrable by dust mites and bed bugs as breeding grounds. Unlike other types, the insides are most vulnerable for dust mites and bed bugs to breed.

Where to buy air mattress beds:

The easiest places to look for these mattresses are from online bed stores. You can read reviews, examine different types and specs, and choose from different brands. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to test the firmness ‘on site’ because you can adjust the firmness yourself to suit your comfort.

It can be delivered to you a few days after purchase. Instructions are included on how to assemble the air mattress bed properly. Be sure however to keep it away from pointed or rough surfaces because this is the only disadvantage of this type of bed.

Choose health.

An air mattress bed is a healthy choice; minimize the breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs, even pressure points to prevent straining your skeletal muscles and sleeping comfort for a good night’s rest. A restful sleep can rid you of stress and anxiety. To add to the health aspect, choose organic materials for your toppers, beddings and pillows. Synthetic materials gas out over time and not very good for your health.