Affordable Individual Health Insurance – Five Ways to Find It

It’s true that one of the main perks of a job is the health benefits package.
Despite this fact, not all employers offer health insurance, and they aren’t
required to. Often employees are left to fend for themselves when it comes to
health costs. Those who are self-employed also face the same dilemma. With the
rising costs of health care, having no health insurance is virtually not an

One alternative for people who aren’t able to purchase health insurance through
their work is to purchase an individual health insurance policy. The good news
is that you can get an affordable individual health insurance plan.

Below are a few tips to get you started looking for an affordable individual
health insurance plan:

1. Look for an independent insurance agent. They are registered with your
state department of insurance, so you will be able to search from a list.

2. Compare insurance companies. Look for information online, and compare
the specific information of each side-by-side. Look at companies and policies
that are going to meet your specific budget and health needs. Make sure you are
informed of the exact coverage and price.

3. Find policies that guarantee renewal and won’t cancel.

4. Ask about ten-day recession periods. With these recession periods, you
can cancel during the first ten days of coverage and be refunded your premium if
you decide the policy isn’t right for you.

5. Take advantage of tax deductions. Remember, if you are self-employed,
most of your health insurance premium will be deductible when tax season rolls
around. Always make your tax preparer aware of your premiums.

Admittedly, even the most affordable individual health insurance policies could
be more expensive and more difficult to obtain than other insurance policies,
but these factors should not discourage you from searching for health insurance
for you and your family. Everyone needs health insurance, and using these tips
will make your search easier.