Affordable College Student Health Insurance

Most often students in general often find it rather hard to land upon a health insurance plan that suits their needs and priorities. The problems are all the tougher for those who are studying at an on-campus program anywhere in the United States of America or an online university or are international students who have come in from abroad.

In this article we will discuss about all the suitable places where the students can look for affordable and the best quality University and College Student Health Insurance plans in the United States.

ISO offers a number of viable International Student Health Insurance plans. These plans cater to both students who are not citizens of the United States and the international students who are presently studying in America. These plans simultaneously cater to American students who are at present studying abroad. The International Student Organization or the ISO is one of the most renowned organizations that can provide the cheapest and quality health insurances.

There are three basic kinds of health coverage plans offered by ISO. These are,

ISO Med: As a part of the ISO Med Student Health Insurance Plan, the coverage is available to all those international students who are studying at an institution situated away from their home country. These students are allowed to receive medical services at diminished rates as they stay with in a PPO. Moreover, the deductibles are also kept at a low being not more than $25 for students who go for medical treatment in the university health centers. The students are also granted with a $500,000 worth of injury coverage. The premium rates that the students need to pay range from $30 to $39 every month.

Compass: As a part of this plan students enjoy 100{1d2611b7b2358db1a5d290a72f211c932ff29d0dc596ec3bc444512a63e05c32} sickness coverage and coverage for the treatment of injuries. The students are given the liberty to choose on any medical professional of their choice under the same settlement Furthermore the treatment costs are reduced for all those students who go for a health check up or treatment for the first time in the health center of their university. The premium rates in case of this plan are kept at $31 to $43 a month.

Voyager: This is yet another handy student health care coverage plan from ISO which is also solely available to the students who are not citizens of the United States. This plan provides 100{1d2611b7b2358db1a5d290a72f211c932ff29d0dc596ec3bc444512a63e05c32} coverage for all kinds of treatments for sickness and injury irrespective of the fact as to where the student goes for getting treated. The premium rates for this plan range from $57 to $69 per month.

In addition to these, the International Student Organization also offers the unique World Premium plans that are specifically meant for American students who are studying abroad in International Educational Institutions.

Now that you have gained a detailed idea of the various kinds of affordable student health care plans offered by the International Student Organization why do not you go ahead and give them a call? After a detailed discussion you can make a suitable purchase ensuring a sound health condition for yourself while you are away from home studying hard.